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About Us

Within a short span of establishment, Balaji Institute of Nursing embarked upon its mission of preparing Nursing cadets to serve the needy. Balaji is synonymous to the star that bestows health, strength, education and immortality. It is a unique conglomeration of eminent scholars from the field of medicine and education who sport a high distant vision.

Balaji Institute Nursing is one of the best, well equipped institutes with state of the art facilities in Telangana. It is widely recognized for its excellence in the field of Nursing. The Society is affiliated to KNR University of Health Sciences and recognized by the Indian Nursing Council, Government of Telangana and TS Nursing & Midwives Council.

By introducing the new learning process and with the help of special lectures given by experts on various topics of nursing and health, we educate our nursing students to challenge the nursing field as worthy professionals. At Balaji Institute of Nursing, students are provided comprehensive education, both theoretical and practical, designed to sharpen critical thinking skills, stimulate scientific inquiry, develop effective practice and cultivate qualities of compassion and caring, fully integrating theoretical learning with clinical experiences within a caring environment.

A stint at Balaji Institute of Nursing will be a perfect launching pad to a bright nursing career with multiple options.

↓ Why Balaji
  • Nominal Fees.
  • Excellent Faculty.
  • Best infrastructure with well equipped.
  • Class rooms, labs and library.
  • Best clinical experience at the bedside.
  • State of the art facilities.
  • Computers facilities.
  • Individual attention.
  • Extensive teaching.
  • Enhancement of knowledge and skills through formal and informal.
  • Interaction with faculty.
  • Invigorating environment.
  • Inculcates dynamism and innovation among the students.
  • Vast experience.
  • Highly job oriented courses.
  • Leading educational institute that excelled over years of experience.
↓ Life at Balaji Institute of Nursing is convenient and contemporary.

The Balaji Group of Institutions welcomes applications from prospective students regardless of complexion, ethnic, origins, race, religion or gender.

Our policy is to encourage the enrolment of students who have the potential to acquire new skills to master, who satisfy the eligibility criterion and we help the student community to create a meaningful human bondage.

The application form for all courses can also be downloaded from our website.

The bonafide students of our institution have to adhere to the norms propounded by this institution.

Parents have to attend the parent-teacher meeting held periodically during the academic year, to check their wards performance, attendance and their attitudes.