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↓ B.Sc Nursing

Nurses are trained healthcare professionals who are capable of taking care of patients, treating them and assisting Doctors in treatment and surgery. A qualified RN (Registered Nurse) is capable of providing preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services to patients (individuals) and communities.

Nurses usually work under qualified Doctors. They are also capable of making independent decisions when such a situation arrives.

Nurses usually work in healthcare setups such as hospitals (Government and Private), clinics, nursing homes & NGOs. They are also capable of providing services at rural & community level healthcare initiatives and schemes.

Nursing is a noble profession. Nurses bring relief into the lives of patients! It is a challenging and satisfying job. Apart from that, the job is also financially rewarding.

Nurses work tirelessly, serving patients and assisting Doctors. Each patient is unique and has his/her set of problems and diseases. Serving and treating patients suffering from different diseases is a challenging task. To perform such a daunting task, nurses stay focused and pay attention to small details!

At the end of the day, a nurse brings smile and happiness on the faces of patients! For many nurses, this smile brings with it that sense of satisfaction and happiness. In short, nursing is more than just a profession. It is an opportunity to serve and treat patients. One can really bring about a change in the society through this profession!

Before heading to the meat of the matter- course details- let us take a look at the skills and qualities required to thrive in this profession. A good nurse has the following qualities

  • Must be compassionate. Must have caring attitude towards patients.
  • Ability to work at odd hours.
  • Stamina and will to work for long hours without taking any break.
  • Must have patience. Must be adept at dealing with patients belonging to different age groups (children, adults and aged folks).
  • Good communication skills. Must be good at interdepartmental coordination and patient education.
  • Must be disciplined. Must be focused at work.
  • Must have sound nursing knowledge and skills.
  • Must have an eye for detail.
  • Willingness to keep oneself up-to-date with the developments occurring in the world of nursing.
  • Must have honesty and integrity. Must stand up for the rights of patients.
↓ Who should go with the course?

A person who is genuinely interested to serve the society by treating and caring patients should not think twice before taking this course. As a nurse, a person makes a huge difference in people’s lives. A caring and compassionate nurse is considered as a guardian angel by patients. This can be a very satisfying and gratifying career for the compassionate.

↓ Academic options after this course?

A person can go further for masters in nursing which is a great advantage as it increases the expertise in the field generating more demand and better opportunities. If a person wishes to go into teaching, then a Ph.D. is advised.

↓Career prospects and job opportunities

Nurses are healthcare professionals. They play an important role in the smooth functioning of healthcare sector. Nurses usually work under qualified Doctors. Nursing professionals with PG Degree may advance on to roles like specialist, educator, administrator etc.

Healthcare setups are the main recruiters. Nurses can be seen working in healthcare setups like

  • Hospitals (Government and Private)
  • Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Clinics/Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • NGOs
↓ Course Curriculum
Course duration 4 years
Weeks available per year 52 weeks
Vacation 8 weeks
Gazetted holidation 3 weeks
Examination (including preparatory ) 4 weeks
Available weeks 37 weeks
Hours per week 40
Practical 30 hours per week
Theory 10 hours per week
Internship practical 48 hours per week
Hours available per academic year 1480 (37 weeks x 40 hours)
Entrance/Selectiontest   : Selection of the candidates should be based on the marks obtained in optional subjects in the Intermediate or Equivalent  Examination.
Duration : Duration of the course shall be four years.
Vacation : 8 weeks vacation shall be given in each year.